A ProCamps® internship is designed to provide a real world experience to individuals aspiring to become professionals in the sports industry. The goal of this experience is to give our interns the opportunity to apply their learning and knowledge in a professional environment. Each intern will have the opportunity to grow and learn from full-time staff as he/she will coordinate daily tasks and projects.

ProCamps interns serve as a communication line for the company. Our interns not only represent the face, voice, and text of each camp but of the respective client as well. Interns must act in a professional manner for all responsibilities involving the company. This includes but is not limited to:

• Proficient use of Microsoft Office

• Application of strong written and interpersonal skills

• Development and maintenance of relationships with parents, campers, and clients

• Leveraging of interdepartmental relationships and ability to work well with current staff


We invite you to apply for an internship opportunity. Available positions are listed below:


Camper Sales & Marketing Intern

• Sales Intern

• Operations Intern

• Graphic Design Intern

• Warehouse and Logistics Intern