Fastest Campers

ProCamps will be tracking the times of the fastest campers in our Smoke House competition. The quickest time will be recorded for each division (High School, NCAA and NFL), at every football camp. All winning times will be posted on this page in order of time (fastest to slowest). Check back frequently to see how you or your fellow teammates stack up against other ProCampers across the country!

Camper Time Camp Division
 Perez Warner  4.66  Steve Smith- Military MD  NFL
 Michael Redding  4.72  Josh Sitton  NFL
 Hunter Rathburn  4.72  Braxton Miller  NFL
 Garrett Walker  4.80  Ben Roethlisberger  All Pro
 Kayvon Britten  4.82  Marvin Lewis  NFL
 Isaiah Walters  4.85  Kyle Rudolph  NFL
 Jacob Perez  4.89  Julian Edelman  NFL
 Dylan Staton  4.90  Alex Smith  NFL
 Jacob Perez  4.91  Rob Gronkowski  All Pro
Duncan Poitras  4.94  Rob Gronkowski  NFL
 Anthony Cooper  4.97  Larry Fitzgerald-AZ  All Pro
Nathaniel Serrano  5.00  Randall Cobb  NFL
 Ryan Star  5.00  Jason Witten  NFL
 Burandin Johnson  5.00  Larry Fitzgerald- AZ  All Pro
 Al Orosco  5.03  Jonathan Stewart- NC  All Pro
Zachary McGuinn  5.03 Demaryius Thomas  NFL
 Cade Conway  5.04  Luke Willson  NFL
 Michael Purl  5.05  Jonathan Stewart- WA  NFL
 Zach Labounty  5.05  Darren McFadden Military  NFL
 Shawndre Hinds  5.06  Eric Decker  NFL
 Edlin Fried  5.10  Devonta Freeman  NFL
 Sincere Disby  5.10  Kevin White  NFL
 Braylon Bailey  5.12  Darren McFadden Military  NCAA
 Ollie Mayberry  5.14  Colt McCoy  NFL
 Jeffrey Robinson  5.19  Larry Fitzgerald- MN  NFL
 Marco Iarussi  5.19  Julian Edelman  NFL
 Connor Armstrong  5.25  Marvin Jones  NFL
 Galen Combs  5.25  Marvin Lewis  NCAA
 Trashawn Durham  5.30  Allen Robinson  NCAA
 Quinten Joyner  5.30  Colt McCoy  NCAA
 Huggy Williams 5.31  Braxton Miller  NCAA
 Tyson Hill  5.31  Steve Smith- Military MD  HS
 Javonta Jenkins  5.31  Charles Clay  NCAA
 Terence Coleman  5.32  Mark Sanchez- Miltary  NFL
 Dominic Hall  5.34  Larry Fitzgerald- AZ  NFL
 Keon Cross  5.35  Ben Reothlisberger  NFL
 Jalil Garvin  5.35  Jonathan Stewart- NC  NFL
 Tafari Johnson  5.37  Eric Decker  NCAA
 Jadarius Brown  5.38  DeAndre Hopkins  NCAA
 Trey Johnson  5.39  Braxton Miller  HS
 Ty Waddell  5.40  Ben Roethlisberger  NCAA
 Jalyn Witcher  5.40  Charles Clay  NFL
 Luke Sidhu  5.43  Larry Fitzgerald- MN  NCAA
 Bentre Worthy  5.43  Luke Willson  NCAA
 Christopher Carter  5.43  Kirk Cousins  NFL
 Kamren Williams  5.47  Veterans Day  NFL
 Logan Davis  5.50  Colt McCoy  HS
 Jaden Blackwell  5.50  Steve Smith- Military MD  NCAA
 Andre Coleman  5.50  Josh Sitton  NCAA
 Benjamin Rembach  5.53  Sammy Watkins  NFL
 Elijah Smith  5.53  Larry Fitzgerald- MN  HS
 Emanuel Burnett  5.61 Darren McFadden Military  HS
 Cadon Harnett  5.64  Kevin White  HS
 Trey Alexander  5.65  Jonathan Stewart-NC  NCAA
 Jacob Albert  5.65  Julina Edelman  NCAA
 Jaden Henry  5.66  Demaryius Thomas  NCAA
 Jake Attaway  5.69  Rob Gronkowski  NCAA
 Jack Vecellio  5.70  Julian Edelman  NCAA
 Trelain Maddox  5.70  Devonta Freeman  NCAA
 Ben Wiggenhorn  5.70  Kyle Rudolph  NCAA
 Joshua Ogo  5.71  Marvin Jones  NCAA
 Tyler Lynch  5.72  Veterans Day  NCAA
 Brayden Habiger  5.75  Alex Smith  HS
 Nathan Young  5.78  Randall Cobb  NCAA
 Lecedric Brown  5.78  Mark Sanchez- Military  NCAA
 Tyson Davis  5.81  Marvin Lewis  HS
 Gage Felix  5.81  Larry Fitzgerald- AZ  NFL
 Chase Welch  5.81  Sammy Watkins  NCAA
 Billy Eastep  5.81  Larry Fitzgerald- AZ  NCAA
 Porter Eastin  5.82  Larry Fitzgerald- AZ  NFL
 Mason Krings  5.84  Randall Cobb  HS
 Micah Greene  5.84  Jason Witten  NCAA
 Rylan Golden  5.93  Rob Gronkowski  HS
 Zemir Faith  5.94  Eric Decker  HS
 DJ Lepine  5.94  Julian Edelman  HS
 Christian Gilbert  5.94  Kevin White  NCAA
 Freddie Seibert  5.95  Josh Sitton  HS
 Cole Eversole  5.97  Jonathan Stewart-NC  HS
 Nicolas Gammon  5.98  Demaryius Thomas  HS
 Cameron Dawood  6.01  Marvin Jones  HS
 Alex Merkle  6.02  Julian Edelman  HS
 Devin Donahue  6.03  Larry Fitzgerlald- AZ  NCAA
 Tisyn Witcher  6.07  Charles Clay  HS
 Gunner Deaton  6.11  Jason Witten  HS
 Shawn Ward  6.12  DeAndre Hopkins  HS
 Cristian McElveen  6.16  Kirk Cousins  NCAA
 Aiden Wilson  6.22  Luke Willson  HS
 Adam Budzileck  6.28  Ben Roethlisberger  HS
 Donovan Wright  6.28  Larry Fitzgerald- AZ  HS
 Lane Hoffman  6.31  Kyle Rudolph  HS
 E’ryan Lawrence  6.34  Sammy Watkins  HS
 Durell Lawton  6.35  Veterans Day  HS
 Jae’Oyn Williams  6.40  Kirk Cousins  HS
 Oliver Burbach  6.40  Larry Fitzgerald- AZ  HS
 Treylen Brown  6.72  Allen Robinson  HS