Fastest Campers

ProCamps will be tracking the times of the fastest campers in our Smoke House competition. The quickest time will be recorded for each division (High School, NCAA and NFL), at every football camp. All winning times will be posted on this page in order of time (fastest to slowest).Check back frequently to see how you or your fellow teammates stack up against other ProCampers across the country!

Camper Time Camp Division
Tahj Clements 4.71  Steve Smith Cherry Point  NFL
Calaaga Jones 4.71 Fred Taylor  NFL
Reid Holland 4.80 Jake Locker  NFL
Curry Benn 4.84  Sugar Bowl  NFL
Franklin Thornton 4.85 Alex Smith  US Army
Melvin Davis 4.90  Steve Smith  NFL
Trey Beckett 4.90  Rob Gronkowski  NFL
Jayzon McCloud 4.90  Matt Ryan  NFL
KJ Jefferson 4.90  Andre Roberts- GA  NFL
Travon Jones 4.90  Ryan Tannehill  NFL
Derrian Froge 4.92  Jason Witten  NFL
Trey Espinoza 4.93 Colt McCoy  US Army
Corey Barclay 4.94  Teammates for Kids Jacksonville  NFL
Breden Querubin 4.95  Colin Kaepernick  NFL
Cole Langton 4.95  Larry Fitzgerald MN  NFL
Nashon Houston 5.00 Alex Smith  NFL
Gio Basilone 5.00 Ben Roethlisberger  NFL
Micah Baldwin 5.00 Ben Roethlisberger  NFL
Nasir Moody 5.03  Geno Smith  NFL
Drew Donovan 5.03  Brian Kelly- LA  NFL
Ryan Walther 5.05  Brian Kelly- DC  NFL
Sean Hariston 5.10 Eddie Royal  NFL
Jayden Haynes 5.10 Roddy White  NFL
Ladarius Harris 5.10 Josh Sitton  NFL
Tanner Wollenberg 5.10 Chris Spielman COL  NFL
Payden Sawicki 5.13 Colt McCoy  NFL
Jaylan Robinson 5.13  Steve Smith Jacksonville  NFL
RJ Fischer 5.15  Metlife ProCamp  NFL
Dimetrius Baylor 5.19 Marvin Lewis NFL
Ricardo Silva 5.20  Jerry Rice  NFL
Brayden Pedersen 5.20  Demaryius Thomas  NFL
Gage Garvey 5.20  Patrick Willis  NFL
Daishaw Miller 5.30  Andre Roberts SC  NFL
Kody Gibbs 5.32  Geno Smith  NCAA
Trae Nickelson 5.40  Steve Smith  NCAA
Coen Carr 5.40  Roddy White  NCAA
Dahaven Rayner 5.44  TY Hilton  NFL
Kesean Goodson 5.50  Steve Smith Cherry Point  NCAA
Glenn Dixon 5.50 Fred Taylor  NCAA
Terrelle Brandsford 5.56  Demaryius Thomas  NCAA
Ian Holsey 5.59  Brian Cushing  NFL
Jamal Haynes 5.59  Matt Ryan  NCAA
Keyshawn Reynolds 5.60  Andre Roberts- GA  NCAA
Cade Conway 5.60  Jason Witten  NCAA
Davel Rios 5.63  Jerry Rice  NCAA
Jesse Self 5.65  Metlife ProCamp  NCAA
Michael Levesque 5.65  Rob Gronkowski  NCAA
Stephon Backshere 5.66 Josh Sitton  NCAA
Preston Iverson 5.69  Demaryius Thomas  HS
King Mack 5.70  Ryan Tannehill  NCAA
Logan Johnson 5.70 Jake Locker  NCAA
Amare Jenkins 5.70 Chris Spielman COL  NCAA
Deon Sherwood 5.71  Larry Fitzgerald MN  NCAA
Emilano Cook 5.75 Alex Smith  NCAA
Anthony Ward 5.75 Rob Gronkowski  HS
Boston Smith 5.75  Steve Smith Jacksonville  NCAA
Jason Escovar 5.80 Eddie Royal HS
Jesus Vasquez 5.80  Colin Kaepernick  NCAA
Dylan Rutter 5.81 Eddie Royal  NCAA
Jordan Johnson 5.81  Sugar Bowl  HS
Konner Dejean 5.84  Sugar Bowl  NCAA
Boston Smith 5.85  Steve Smith  HS
Drew Bonner 5.90 Jake Locker  HS
John Kneidel 5.90 Chris Spielman COL  HS
Rodney Cunningham 5.90  Andre Roberts SC  NCAA
TY Jackson 5.90  Ryan Tannehill  HS
Austin Adair 5.91 Alex Smith  HS
Bobby McAlpine 5.92 Marvin Lewis  NCAA
Chase Horne 5.97 Ben Roethlisberger  NCAA
Jordan Moorer 6.00  Metlife ProCamp  HS
Matthew Medlin 6.00 Colt McCoy  NCAA
Kaleb Jackson 6.00  Andre Roberts- GA  HS
Nick Gordon 6.00  TY Hilton  NCAA
Sheridan Johnson 6.00 Ben Roethlisberger  HS
Tye Thompson 6.03  Brian Kelly- DC  NCAA
Nikko Bates 6.04  Steve Smith Jacksonville  HS
Caleb Hill 6.06  Brian Cushing  NCAA
Ben Mix 6.09  Brian Kelly- LA  NCAA
Jayvion Miller 6.10 Fred Taylor  HS
Grayson Owens 6.10  Roddy White  HS
Zoin Booker 6.10  Patrick Willis  NCAA
Tate struble 6.15 Colt McCoy  HS
Tojuan Peyton 6.19  Matt Ryan  HS
Jurrell Johnson 6.19 Josh Sitton  HS
Kevin Lytle 6.19  Teammates for Kids Jacksonville  NCAA
Payton Coss 6.20  Colin Kaepernick  HS
Drew Stark 6.22  Steve Smith Cherry Point  HS
Xavier Southall 6.28  Brian Kelly- DC  HS
Seth Powder 6.29  Geno Smith  HS
Zachary Jones 6.31  Jerry Rice  HS
Luke Valerio 6.31  TY Hilton  HS
Mikail Freeman 6.47 Marvin Lewis  HS
Hunter Soto 6.59  Brian Cushing  HS
Jaiden Green 6.62  Jason Witten  HS
Adam Underdahln 6.63  Brian Kelly- LA  HS
Kobe Swanson 6.71  Larry Fitzgerald MN  HS
Jeremiah Leaupepetele 6.75  Patrick Willis  HS
DJ Adams 6.80  Andre Roberts SC  HS


Colin Kaepernick running the Smoke House with the campers!