Fastest Campers

ProCamps will be tracking the times of the fastest campers in our Smoke House competition. The quickest time will be recorded for each division (High School, NCAA and NFL), at every football camp. All winning times will be posted on this page in order of time (fastest to slowest). Check back frequently to see how you or your fellow teammates stack up against other ProCampers across the country!

Camper Time Camp Division
Jelani Brown  5.02 Larry Fitzgerald-AZ All Pro
Jostin Brown  5.06 Charles Clay NFL
Tyree Evans 5.22 Larry Fitzgerald-AZ NFL
Dylan Witcher 5.31 Charles Clay NCAA
Barry Adams 5.37 Larry Fitzgerald-AZ NCAA
Chance Sautter 5.39 Jason Witten NFL
Ewan Curtis 5.42 Jason Witten NCAA
Nolan Chader 5.85 Larry Fitzgerald-AZ HS
Truett Trammel 6.29 Jason Witten HS
Alex Arrington 6.41 Charles Clay HS