Fastest Campers

The best time in our Fastest Camper competition will be recorded in each division at every football ProCamp throughout the country. All winning times will be posted on this page in order of time (fastest to slowest).

See how you stack up against the fastest ProCampers across the country!

Camper Time Camp Division
Xavier Young  4.60 Victor Cruz NFL
Edward Conoran 4.68 Odell Beckham Jr All-Pro
Markel Quick  4.79 Christian McCaffrey All Pro
Jasherre Sartor  4.81 AJ Green NFL
Jaqorie Goodson  4.81 Johnathan Stewart- Military NFL
Terry Brooks  4.86 Military KY- Graham Gano NFL
Deontae Williams 4.90 Ben Roethlisberger NFL
Maurice Edwards  4.93 Kyle Rudolph Military NFL
Ayden Chouinard 4.97 Dak Prescott- Dallas All Pro
Jelani Brown  5.02 Larry Fitzgerald-AZ All Pro
Jostin Brown  5.06 Charles Clay NFL
Jack Palmer  5.09 Christian McCaffrey NFL
Larry Thomas  5.09 Military FL- Andre Roberts NFL
Kamran Williams  5.10 Dak Prescott- Shreveport NCAA
Easton Cain  5.10 Dak Prescott- MS All-Pro
Zaevon Henderson 5.10 Larry Fitzgerald MN NFL
Bradon Coladonato  5.12 Rob Gronkowski All Pro
Daquan Harrison 5.13 Tyreek Hill NFL
Amir Wilks  5.16 Victor Cruz NCAA
Kavon Simmons  5.20 Justin Pugh NCAA
George Rivera  5.21 Chris Spielman All-Pro
Tyree Evans 5.22 Larry Fitzgerald-AZ NFL
Jace Bailey  5.25 Von Miller NFL
Mykell Sabb  5.25 Military D.C.- Alejandro Villanueva NFL
Ajay Sundaram  5.28 Von Miller All Pro
Jahkiren Oliver 5.31 Paul Brown Experience NCAA
Breeon Ishmail 5.34 Marvin Lewis NFL
Collin Conoran 5.35 OBJ NFL
Jacob Lafitte  5.38 Dak Prescott- Shreveport NFL
Cornelius Warren 5.53 Dak Prescott- Dallas NFL
Matthew Bowers  5.53 Johnathan Stewart- Military NCAA
Barry Adams 5.37 Larry Fitzgerald-AZ NCAA
Zach Lee  5.38 Tyler Lockett NFL
Chance Sautter 5.39 Jason Witten NFL
Andrew Mackin 5.40 Rob Gronkowski NFL
Ewan Curtis 5.42 Jason Witten NCAA
Terence Horton 5.43 Larry Fitzgerald MN NCAA
Dylan Gregory  5.47 Christian McCaffrey NCAA
Cameran Hawk  5.47 Dak Prescott- MS NFL
Dante DiPado 5.47 Jarvis Landry NFL
My’shon Mitchell 5.49 Tyreek Hill NCAA
Johnte’ Hollingsworth  5.49 Marvin Lewis NCAA
Gavin Papp  5.49 Justin Pugh NFL
Izach Lyles  5.49 Marvin Lewis NCAA
Sean Loomis 5.50 Zach Ertz NFL
Grant Washington 5.51 Jarvis Landry NCAA
Brandon Wright  5.56 Von Miller NCAA
Michael Kelsey 5.62 Tyler Eifert NCAA
DeMarcus Robinson  5.68 Odell Beckham Jr NCAA
Brandon Howard  5.68 Tyler Eifert NFL
Aiden Brown  5.70 Tyler Lockett NCAA
Jyarie Walls 5.70 Ben Roethlisberger NCAA
Searn Mariano 5.72 Zach Ertz NCAA
Chase Williams  5.73 Dak Prescott- Shreveport HS
Tyler Andersen 5.75 AJ Green NCAA
Brayden Probst 5.75 Christian McCaffrey HS
Brody Hindle 5.75 Rob Gronkowski NCAA
Christopher Wesley 5.75 Dak Prescott- Dallas NCAA
Owen Shick  5.76 Chris Spielman NFL
Darren Hamlin  5.78 Justin Pugh HS
Kameron Drumright 5.80 Victor Cruz HS
Brayden Boults  5.84 Tyler Eifert HS
Pryce Sparrow  5.86 Military KY- Graham Gano NCAA
Andrew Jenkins  5.87 Dak Prescott- MS NCAA
Tristan Frank  5.95 Odell Beckham Jr HS
Ayden Edwards  5.97 Kyle Rudolph Military NCAA
Marcus Williams  5.97 Military D.C.- Alejandro Villanueva NCAA
Jackson Atesh 6.00 Tyreek Hill HS
Ryan Turner  6.05 Military FL- Andre Roberts NCAA
Ryan Loring 6.10 Rob Gronkowski HS
Amari Muhammad 6.10 Larry Fitzgerald MN HS
Avery Godoy  6.12 Johnathan Stewart- Military HS
Carson Martin  6.13 AJ Green HS
Xavier Collins  6.16 Marvin Lewis HS
William Green 6.20 Dak Prescott- Dallas HS
Cole Buckley 6.22 Zach Ertz HS
Kenny Caldwell 6.28 Paul Brown Experience HS
Truett Trammel 6.29 Jason Witten HS
Charlie Allen  6.29 Military KY- Graham Gano HS
Wahab Emmanuel 6.30 Ben Roethlisberger HS
Callen Culver  6.3 Dak Prescott- MS HS
Sean Ryan  6.35 Von Miller HS
Vishal Thikkavarapu  6.37 Tyler Lockett HS
George Rivera 6.37 Chris Spielman HS
Alex Arrington 6.41 Charles Clay HS
Colbe Donaldson  6.45 Military FL- Andre Roberts HS
Brandon Arnold 6.59 Kyle Rudolph Military HS
Ashton Gray 6.59 Jarvis Landry HS
Zachary Dunbar  6.60 Military D.C.- Alejandro Villanueva HS