Fastest Campers

The best time in our Fastest Camper competition will be recorded in each division at every Football ProCamp throughout the country. All winning times will be posted on this page in order of time (fastest to slowest).

See how you stack up against the fastest ProCampers across the country!

Camper Time Camp Division
Bryce West 4.66 Frank Clark ProCamp NFL
Ryan Billups 4.70 Mohamed Sanu ProCamp NFL
Jeremiah McKinzie 4.83 Deshaun Watson ProCamp All Pro
Tyzell Ausler 4.90 Von Miller ProCamp All Pro
Chris Robinson 4.90 Andre Roberts Military ProCamp NFL
Grayson Howard 4.90 Latavius Murray Military ProCamp NFL
Rachana Men 4.97 Larry Fitzgerald ProCamp All Pro
Stella Edison 4.97 Baker Mayfield ProCamp- OK All Pro
Bryce Sanders 4.99 Jameis Winston ProCamp All Pro
Donte Burch 5.00 Sammy Watkins ProCamp NFL
Steven Cammack 5.03 Jarvis Landry ProCamp NFL
Jacob Rose 5.03 Kyle Rudolph ProCamp All Pro
Micah Price 5.04 Jameis Winston ProCamp NFL
Markus Boswell 5.05 Baker Mayfield ProCamp- TX NFL
Jacob Dorfman 5.06 Deshaun Watson ProCamp NFL
Milton Ferguson 5.07 Saquon Barkley ProCamp- NJ All Pro
Cody Foster 5.09 Christian Kirk Military ProCamp NFL
Christon Blayre 5.10 Dak Prescott ProCamp- LA NFL
Billy Eastep 5.12 Larry Fitzgerald ProCamp NFL
Lamonte Hamelin 5.12 Odell Beckham Jr. ProCamp All Pro
David Caldino 5.13 Todd Gurley ProCamp- CA NFL
Isaiah Daniel 5.17 Jameis Winston ProCamp NCAA
Caleb Singleton 5.28 Game On ProCamp NFL
Jamell Stephens 5.28 Frank Clark ProCamp NCAA
Josh Hicks 5.30 AJ Green ProCamp All Pro
Jayden Davis 5.30 Mohamed Sanu ProCamp NCAA
Cameron Taylor 5.32 Mike Zimmer ProCamp NFL
Braylon Falson 5.34 Ben Roethlisberger ProCamp NCAA
Kahlil Osborn 5.35 Dak Prescott ProCamp- TX All Pro
Faruq Muhammad 5.37 Todd Gurley ProCamp- CA NCAA
Deion Davidson 5.38 Game On ProCamp NCAA
Dylan Lair 5.40 Sammy Watkins ProCamp NCAA
Eason Overman 5.40 Dak Prescott ProCamp- TX NFL
Anthony Peaks 5.41 Deshaun Watson ProCamp NCAA
Mason Currin-Moore 5.45 Baker Mayfield ProCamp- OK NFL
Hamaad Jenkins 5.47 Saquon Barkley ProCamp- NJ NFL
Gage Medley 5.50 Sammy Watkins ProCamp HS
Xavier Sultzbaugh 5.60 Larry Fitzgerald ProCamp NCAA
Terence Horton 5.60 Mike Zimmer ProCamp NCAA
Amir Gaines 5.60 Dak Prescott ProCamp- LA NCAA
Kai Caldwell 5.62 Frank Clark ProCamp HS
Sarod Baker 5.63 Dak Prescott ProCamp- TX NCAA
Nate Bailey 5.66 Saquon Barkley ProCamp- NJ NCAA
Roman Jones 5.67 Andre Roberts Military ProCamp HS
Owen Colwell 5.69 Jarvis Landry ProCamp NCAA
Elijah Ross 5.70 Von Miller ProCamp NCAA
Deon Wallace 5.72 Kyle Rudolph ProCamp NFL
Alex Espay 5.74 Odell Beckham Jr. ProCamp NFL
Ezren Colson 5.75 Todd Gurley ProCamp- CA HS
Dante Hudson 5.75 Christian Kirk Military ProCamp NCAA
Fynn Gullicks 5.80 Von Miller ProCamp NFL
Adrian Bollton 5.80 Andre Roberts Military ProCamp NCAA
Bakari Pierce 5.81 Jameis Winston ProCamp HS
Jaylen Brown 5.87 Game On ProCamp HS
James Smith 5.87 Mohamed Sanu ProCamp HS
Emma Phillips 5.89 Baker Mayfield ProCamp- TX HS
Jace Harrison-Whitner 5.90 Deshaun Watson ProCamp HS
Kannon Trammel 6.00 Baker Mayfield ProCamp- OK NCAA
Ryan O’Bryants 6.01 AJ Green ProCamp NFL
RJ Rockett 6.09 Latavius Murray Military ProCamp NCAA
Christian Wells 6.10 Odell Beckham Jr. ProCamp NCAA
Nolan Chader 6.12 Larry Fitzgerald ProCamp HS
Eli Fredricksen 6.12 Von Miller ProCamp HS
Weston Moeller 6.56 Kyle Rudolph ProCamp NCAA
Madden Bedwell 6.13 Dak Prescott ProCamp- TX HS
Zachary Feeley 6.15 Ben Roethlisberger ProCamp HS
Mason Rohan 6.25 Saquon Barkley ProCamp- NJ HS
Brandon Williams 6.30 Dak Prescott ProCamp- LA HS
Jatreel Hunter 6.31 AJ Green ProCamp NCAA
Jaxson Arth 6.32 Odell Beckham Jr. ProCamp HS
Baylen Kruger 6.34 Mike Zimmer ProCamp HS
Luke Grisaffe 6.41 Baker Mayfield ProCamp- OK HS
Keion Brown 6.44 Jarvis Landry ProCamp HS
Daniel Kendall 6.53 Christian Kirk Military ProCamp HS
Phoenix Swor 6.56 Kyle Rudolph ProCamp HS
Jayden Diaz-Figueroa 6.78 Latavius Murray Military ProCamp HS
Cash Darbyshire 7.22 AJ Green ProCamp HS
Heston Hohenberger 8.60 Baker Mayfield ProCamp- TX NCAA