A ProCamps Experienceship is designed to provide real world experience to individuals aspiring to become professionals in the sports industry. The goal is to give our Experienceships the opportunity to apply their learning and knowledge in a professional environment. Each individual will have the opportunity to grow and learn from full-time staff as he/she will coordinate daily tasks and projects.

An Experienceship is an in-depth, hands-on experience as a seasonal member of the ProCamps Team with a full-time workload.  An Experienceship position will work within a department and be part of the ProCamps Team during the busiest time of the year for each respective department.  The Experienceship positions are extremely limited, and ProCamps will look for the best individuals to fill these positions as these candidates are looked at as potential future full-time staff members of the company.


Experienceships are available in each of the following capacities:

Camper Sales Experienceship

Graphic Design Experienceship

Operations Experienceship

Partnership Marketing Experienceship

Warehouse & Logistics Experienceship